All Schools: Your Votes = $$ for Our School!

13th Sep 2013

Your vote makes a big difference to our school!

Please visit
to vote for our school  

*A Facebook account is required to vote.

This year, Target will give money to schools all over the country for one simple act: a vote. Our school needs just 25 votes to earn a $25 donation from Target. For each additional vote, our school will get $1 more for up to $10,000. Although the gesture is small, your vote really counts!

You can vote once a once a week through September 21 or until Target has given away all $5 million. Proceeds will be shared with all three International Montessori Schools. 

Please forward this to your friends and family and share on social media.

Thank you,

International Montessori Schools

2 comments on “All Schools: Your Votes = $$ for Our School!

  1. We have reached 26 Votes today! Every vote is now worth $1! If you have already voted, try to vote again on September 20th! The fund raiser ends on 09/21. If you haven’t voted yet, please go vote! Thank you!

  2. IMS Admin on said:

    We are up to 35 votes ($35). Thanks to all who voted during the rummage sale! Don’t forget, you can vote again, so check back frequently to see if the system will allow you to vote! Each vote is $1 more towards the schools.

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