Final Day Of Target Fund Raiser! Each Vote = $1

22nd Sep 2013

The final day to vote for us in the fund raiser is here!  However, Target will continue to count votes until they run out of funds.  So, it may not be too late to cast another vote!

If you have not voted yet, please do so. If you have already voted, please vote again.  Multiple votes are allowed and encouraged.  Target donates $1 for every vote, so please give it a go!  The limit schools can raise is $10,000, so we have plenty of room for growth.  Feel free to share the link and ask family and friends to vote as well!

As of 09/21 at 10:23pm, we are at 70 votes! Lets see if we can reach $80 for our schools!

To participate:
-You must have a Facebook account.
-When you vote, you will “like”

Thank you!


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