Red Preschool – Claremont, CA

Our Red Preschool in Claremont, CAOur Red Preschool in Claremont, CA

The Red preschool, as it is affectionately called, is a beautiful red and white ranch style home located on the east side of Claremont near the prestigious Claremont Colleges. The Red Preschool teaches children from age 2 to kindergarten.  The school is divided into three spacious classrooms that open onto a shared porch with red picnic tables for friends to eat home lunches or purchased hot lunches.  The backyard features a garden, two play structures, a large sandbox, trike trails, and grass and trees for play. Our Montessori teachers are all AMI and IAPM certified. In addition to the individualized attention that the Montessori philosophy dictates our curriculum includes yoga, Spanish, and ceramics. Additionally, we offer extracurricular classes in karate, music appreciation, keyboard, soccer, and dance (for an additional fee).

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